RE Motorsport

Western Springs speedway has been running in Auckland since 1929.

Both Mark and Val are long-term speedway followers, Mark attending from the late 1950's and Val from the early 1960's. Both of us have brought our families up around motorsport and our children have slept beside the track on a Saturday night. So much for the neighbours complaining about the noise!

Mark follows the open wheel racing of Western Springs, while Val has travelled the country over the last 10 years, chasing the open wheel classes of midgets, sprintcars and tq midgets, along with stockcars, superstocks, saloons and supersaloons from the closed wheel classes.

Val cops a lot of flack over her following of the stockcar ranks - being termed as "crossing to the other side" in following another arm of dirt track racing - but it's all good clean fun.

And from our spending our Saturday nights at Western Springs, has come our sponsorship of the TQ 77a of Richard Eva, who is currently dating one of Val's daughters.

Richard has raced for two seasons,and was placed in the top 10 in the North Island championship, and was 5th in the Auckland TQ midget club championship Division 2.

Richard also received the "Infeild" award - for spending the most time on the infield due to spinning out!

Richard had the rare distinction of managing to flip his car and land back on the wheels, without hitting the track or damaging the car. After a quick safety check from the officials, Richard was allowed to continue his race - much to the delight of the attending crowd.