Totem pole project

Recently we were approached to fabricate a one-off project for the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, north of Auckland.

Our brief was to fabricate geometric shapes out of mild steel, which would then be sent off to be painted and finally assembled on site.

Discussion was held with the client to decide the best way to assemble the structure. Each shape was 1 metre in height, to create a 6.5 metre tall sculpture. We fabricated a rectangle, square, circle, triangle, octagon, and a hexagon.


Each piece was fabricated with hole(s) to enable it to be mounted on a central pole.

As this was a one off project, each geometric shape was marked out manually on a sheet, guillotine cut, and then mig welded together.

Once the shapes were delivered to the painter, our job was complete, and we have been waiting with interest to see the end result.

The sculpture has now been completed and assembled and looks great. It is called 'The Geometric Totem Pole'. You can read more about it here.

Final picture.jpg